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If you’re going through a rough time sometimes it can difficult to see beyond the here and now. A lot of people dwell in their sadness and feel that things will never get better. They lose the motivation to do anything, which means they are never working towards a goal. However if you set a list of goals you can look at those goals each day, this is your reminder of the things you want in life. This is what will inspire you to live your life to its fullest. There is not time to be unhappy when you’re doing the things you love and focusing on bettering yourself as a person. Here are 10 ways a mood board can boost your mental health.

1. It will make you feel you have achieved something

There’s no better feeling than knowing you have achieved a goal. You can fill your mood board with motivational pictures, for example an image of a super-hot model, to remind you to work on your fitness and ensure you get the hot bikini bod you desire. Or maybe you want to buy a new car, pin up a picture of your dream set of wheels and you’ll be more inclined to save your pennies. When you your goals you will feel great. Sometimes we know in our mind what we want in life, but it’s easy to become distracted, having something to look at every day will drive you and you will be a happier, more successful person in no time!

2. It will entertain you

Actually sitting down with a cork board, a few magazines and some drawing pins is more amusing than you would think. If you’ve got nothing to do on a lazy Sunday why not grab a pair of scissors and cut out some motivational pictures. It will take you back to being a child, arts and crafts are always fun not matter what your age. You can decorate your board any way you like, if you’re artistic, you could even sketch a few motivational pictures. Get creative and occupy your mind, it will make you feel productive and in turn you will feel great.

3. It will help you discover what you want

Sometimes when we are lost in a dark place it’s easy to forget about what we actually want in life. It’s easy to feel as though we have given up. Quite often people who struggle with their mental health will feel as though there is no way out. When you create a mood board you have to think about what would make you happier. Even if the things you want feels a thousand miles away, thinking about what would actually make you happy is the first step in your journey. You will begin to realise that there are things that could cheer you up, you just have to go out and get them! You might want a new job, or maybe you want to take a nice holiday, put this on your mood board and start taking the necessary steps to get to where you want to be!

4. It will keep you busy

The key to making sure you don’t get yourself stuck in a rut is to keep busy. Although you may want to lay around in bed moping, it’s really not good for you. In fact not having anything to occupy your mind can be dangerous. Being alone with your thought when you have poor mental health can lead to serious depression. Having a mood board full of goals will keep you on track. Position your board so you can see it from your bed, that way when you’re feeling unmotivated you will catch a glimpse of the life you want. It will remind you that you won’t get that life by lying in bed, you’ll get up and out in no time!


5. It will remind you of happy memories or memories to come

A mood board doesn’t just have to be about goals, you can also fill your board with pictures that make you happy. Maybe images of yourself with friends and family, or a cute picture of your beloved pet. This is especially effective for people who work away from home. There is nothing more uplifting than seeing the people you love. You could also pin up pictures that bring back fun memories or certificates of achievement to remind yourself of how far you have come already, this will definitely lift your spirits.

I think having a mood board is great, It motivates you as a person and makes you more confident and happy with your life. What are your thoughts? Would you give it a go?
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10 Ways A Mood Board Can Boost Your Mental Health - Society19 (1)

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10 Ways A Mood Board Can Boost Your Mental Health - Society19 (2024)
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