Any good Khajiit and Argonian beautification mods? (2024)

Seems like a good idea. I dont like plantigrade cats and lizards, it doesnt seem right, and there are a few mods that help, but i would prefer one that didnt use HGEC, i like the roberts more, and KATS does use roberts (i might be wrong), and also supplies clothes. not sure if the argonian feet by DraketheDragon has clothes though. i have been looking for any good ones, not clothing feet.l

The trouble with this is, no other solution exists. The game engine is hardcoded to use 1 single set of body meshes for all races, and this can't be changed, not even with OBSE. And even if there "was" a way to change it, you'd still have to take care of the issue that in Oblivion your body comes with your clothes. No matter what body mod you're using, once you equip an item you get the body contained inside it.

That's why Stock Replacers are so vital for body mods. There'd be no use in even having a body mod to begin with, if everybody you encounter, including yourself, still had a Vanilla body, as that's what's coming from the Vanilla clothing items he's wearing. And who's gonna run around naked all time in a world full of naked NPCs?... No, don't answer, please!

If you change the skeleton, like making the "skeletonbeast.nif" actually digitigrade, this would come with several repercussions. For one the still-human foot meshes would look ridiculously deshaped, and for two there's no guarantee the skeleton is even used by all beasts. Skeletons are assigned on a per-actor basis (anybody remember MAO?), only the player is limited to "skeleton.nif" and "skeletonbeast.nif", and which one of them is used by him is controlled through a yet-to-be-determined selection process based on race somehow. Still couldn't figure out what tells the difference. There's no setting with a race telling it's a beast race or something. Yet, when you copy a beast race, the new race is a beast race, too. If you copy a human one, there's no way to make it a beast race afterwards. Just weird. Oh, and let's not forget #3, certain animations are capable of "reverting" the changes you made to the skeleton while playing, as if you never elongated the bones to begin with. So unless you also redo "all" animations, there's no guarantee it'll even work. And if you "do" redo all animations, don't forget they're affecting "all" races again, making all others digitigrade as well. Ok, that last one can be overcome nowadays, as the set of animations used is determined by the location of the skeleton file used. So in theory you can have a completely unique set of animations for certain races, or actors, but changing the skeleton used by a race doesn't work, like I said, as it's bound to the individual actors, not the race, and changing the skeleton used by the player can only be done during runtime via advanced OBSE scripting, and this one can't even change the 1st person skeleton, yet. ...Drawbacks and repercussions a plenty, and it's that far away from being a mainstream solution...

So the only way to get custom-shaped bodyparts on certain races is this "wearable bodyparts" approach, turning the body meshes into wearable items and having them equipped via scripts. "clothing feet"... there simply is no other way!

And for the records, I did make "a few" adapted clothing and armor items for SAF, but back then I was a scripter, primarily, and didn't know my way around in Blender as sufficiently as I do today. If there hadn't been this real life hiatus which killed all my free time 2 years ago until now, and for years to come, I would have definitely created and/or released full sets of adapted items for Vanilla, DLCs, overhauls and most likely also for most, if not all, bodies supported by my mods. Back then those meshes were only a proof of concept, something to see how it's intended to work with everything else later on. But sadly it never left that state of "unfinished'ness" so far then. Today those few files are hard to come by, as I redesigned my package layout, seperated everything into body-dependant archives, provide base body meshes seperately from adapted clothing/armor items, and most disappointingly of all, never got around to release the first of those seperate adapted clothing/armor packages so far. The only way to obtain them nowadays is via the old and outdated v0.5b complete package for only Robert's Male and TFF. There was much more to come, but it never happened.

I also already thought about altering my folder structure for those adapted NIF files so it's the same as with True Body Shapes/KATS, then everybody could decide for themselves whether they want my scripts to do the job or True Body Shapes', me only providing the meshes anymore, but again, this did never happen then.

As for the "get from container" remark there in the OP, this was just jdayT's first attempt to go about adding them into the game. He created really nice and decent beast feet for Argonians and searched a simple way to put them into the game. Without any complex scripting, equipping them yourself was the only other option left. The beast feet "are" footwear, as there simply is no other way.

So, one can very well blame "me" for not making much progress and leaving my mods in an awefully unfinished state, but nobody can blame "us" beast feet modders for choosing a cheap approach to go about it, when it's the "only" approach to go about it. :sleep: Love it or hate it, you won't get anything else.

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Any good Khajiit and Argonian beautification mods? (2024)


Which is better, Khajiit or Argonian? ›

The few extra points Khajiit have is negligible, and Argonians have the better racial power, especially for a melee fighter and you prefer them.

Do Argonians have an unarmed bonus? ›

Argonians do not have bonus unarmed.

Are Argonians good in Skyrim? ›

The Argonians' stealth and lockpicking make them brilliant assassins, thieves, scouts, and ambushers. Their lack of combat bonuses in archery and one-handed weapons can be overcome by natural skill leveling and play. Argonians can be used fairly well as spellswords, but conjuration training may be necessary.

Can Khajiit breed with Argonians? ›

Some species can not procreate together. Elves and Khajiit can, never learn if Khajiit and humans can. Elves and humans can, those are the Bretons. Argonians as far as we know can not do so with any other species, which makes sense honestly.

Why are Khajiit banned from cities? ›

It's just the Caravans as they have a bad reputation for moving stolen goods and drugs around the province. Any Khajit can choose to live in any city they wish though. Ok cheers i guess that's why the dragonborn can live in cities and not be harassed by guards.

Who do Argonians have breasts? ›

One popular idea is that the breasts contain Hist sap, so that Argonians hatched away from Black Marsh don't end up like Ja-Reet. More straightforward is the idea that the Hist made the female lifestage with breasts so as to make integration with Mannish and Merish society easier.

Can humans breed with Argonians? ›

The Argonian/Khajiit races cannot breed with humans. The whole "race is always the mother's" thing has no backup in the lore, and was just based on observations of games.

What builds are Argonians good for? ›

Argonian Racial Bonuses

This makes them great for assassin or thief builds, though they lack the boost to melee attacks that would assist them in combat.

What is the best playstyle for an Argonian? ›

The Thief skills would indicate that an Argonian would be best suited to a stealthy role, either as a thief or assassin, but the Alteration and Restoration skills mean that it isn't a stretch to also play as a spellsword instead.

What God do Argonians worship? ›

Aside from revering The Hist, the Argonians are also known to worship Sithis, which is the deity of the void and death. They often view Sithis as a being of both change and destruction that is intended to teach them to accept that nothing is constant and let go of regrets.

Why are Khajiit the best? ›

When it comes to Khajiit, they're known to be extremely agile and stealthy people, which is tied to their unique physiology. Due to this, they'll often work in professions that best complement these skills. Many of them make excellent assassins and thieves, finding themselves in the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild.

Are Argonians any good? ›

Players who want to make a stealthy thief build in Skyrim may want to give playing an Argonian a chance. While they may not be a great fighter from the start, their natural stealth and quick hands will work wonders. Although Khajit may be Skyrim's most famous thieves, an Argonian certainly shouldn't be counted out.

What are the benefits of playing a Khajiit? ›

At the commencement of the game, the Khajiit are endowed with the following bonuses:
  • +10 Sneak (25 total starting level)
  • +5 Alchemy (20)
  • +5 Archery (20)
  • +5 Lockpicking (20)
  • +5 One-handed (20)
  • +5 Pickpocketing (20)

What are the benefits of Argonian? ›

Argonians are a reptilian race from Black Marsh. They can breathe under water indefinitely and have a natural resistance to disease. Argonians also have Histskin which lets them rapidly regenerate health (once a day). They make a very good stealth-focused character.

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