Boy Crush: Stray Kids' Lee Know Aka 'The Dancing Gem' And Everything We Love About Him (2024)

"I know, you know, we know, Lee Know!"

Lee Know is famous as a member of the groundbreaking K-Pop boy group Stray Kids. Renowned for their incomparable performance skills, the group has developed at an exponential rate over the years. As a result, they've earned themselves an adoring and ever-expanding fandom called STAY. One of the apples of STAY's eyes is none other than member Lee Know. He is one of the boy crushes of the group that fans just can't get enough of.

But what makes Stray Kids' Lee Know a boy crush?

Is it something we've mentioned above? Or is it another charm that we have yet to unlock? Let's find out today.

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Back to this week's feature!

Let's get to know our boy crush, Lee Know!

JYP Entertainment

If you're new to Lee Know, here is some basic information about him. Lee Know was born on October 25, 1998, and his birth name is Lee MinHo. He chose the stage name Lee Know because there are senior artists/actors in the industry with the same birth name as him such as the representative Hallyu actor Lee MinHo. The 'Know' in his stage name stems from how well he knows himself and knows his fans' hearts.

For new fans, we hope that this article can help you get to know more about him!

Lee Know has had a passion for dancing since he was young. In high school, he was already part of a dance crew and went on to become a backup dancer for the globally-recognized boy group BTS. He danced during their 2017 tour, and for their 'Not Today', 'Fire', and 'Spring Day' promotions. He supposedly developed his dream of wanting to become an idol during this time.

Lee Know has said that he got into dancing because it's an outlet that allows him to express himself with the most confidence. He has been dancing since his early teen years.

Later, he was cast and joined JYP as a trainee. In 2017, he joined the survival show "Stray Kids" which aimed to debut its namesake group.

During the show, Lee Know impressed the judges and viewers with his dance skills. He also received praise for his singing ability, as well as his positive attitude and work ethic.

However, Lee Know faced some challenges during the show as well.Despite these challenges, Lee Know persevered and ultimately made it onto the final lineup for Stray Kids. His performances on the show helped to showcase his talents and build a strong fanbase among viewers, which has only continued to grow since his debut with Stray Kids.

His time as a member of Stray Kids has been nothing but a blessing to STAY. This is due to his overwhelming talent.

Firstly, Lee Know's dance style can be summarized as being unique, sharp, and powerful. However, there is a lot more to unpack about his dance style.

Check out his iconic fancam for 'MANIAC' below.

On top of being an exceptional dancer, he is also an ace when it comes to acrobatics. He has been known for incorporating flips and jumps into Stray Kids' performances. This might be thanks to his general athleticism and experience with Taekwondo, too.

This is why he is an essential part of DANCERACHA.

His voice is just as enchanting with its tender quality. He has some of the best falsetto singing abilities in the group and his falsetto parts are truly beautiful to listen to. He pulls off the higher vocal range quite effortlessly and with crisp clarity. In fact, his musicality has received compliments from other Stray Kids members who have noted that he also has great potential as a producer because of the interesting harmonies he has created before.

In fact, his rap skills are also of a top level. His style, flow, and rap speed are all part of his rapper charm. Lee Know gets a lot of his dance and rap inspiration from hip-hop. He is a hip-hop fanatic. You could safely say that Lee Know is one of the aces of Stray Kids because of his well-roundedness and affinity to do anything he puts his mind to extremely well.

Lee Know's 'Drive' collaboration with fellow member Bang Chan shows off all of his vocal strong points. Check it out below.

As we mentioned before, he is known for having a remarkable work ethic. He is committed to his craft and will put in countless hours to perfect his performance before revealing it on stage.

Lee Know is brave and courageous to the point where he sometimes denies himself vulnerability because he wants to be strong for everyone else. He has a deep sense of consideration for others and a beautiful soul.

You can feel the grace he exudes in the way that he interacts with STAY, too. He is very open with them, taking time to communicate with fans regularly in as real a way as possible. He likes to speak his mind but also enjoys teasing STAY, showing just how dearly he regards them. Lee Know is outgoing and playful with a 4D personality.

He has one of the most natural and likable personalities among K-Pop idols. He stays true to himself and doesn't try to be something that he's not, making him a relatable figure to his fans.

Lee Know is also incredibly generous and open-minded. He has donated frequently to charitable organizations such as UNICEF and always stands up for notable humanitarian causes including those aligned with environmental friendliness.

Visually, Lee Know is, once again, the gift that keeps on giving. He is so handsome that anyone who looks at him for the first time might find themselves forgetting to breathe momentarily. His eyes are especially mesmerizing and have a unique sparkle to them that makes you fall for his charm instantly. His smile is especially captivating, as well.

His handsome visuals whilst dancing has especially earned him the nickname 'the dancing sculpture' thanks to his chiseled charm.

Many fans have compared Lee Know to a manhwa/webtoon character with his unreal visuals. He can look intimidating at times but once he cracks his lovely smile, anyone's heart is guaranteed to melt immediately at the warmth he personifies.

Here are some more random facts about Lee Know to end this article.

He is an animal lover and absolutely adores them.

He enjoys reading books and watching plays/movies in his free time.

He is also husband-material-personified as he loves to cook and enjoys a clean environment. Some may even be surprised by the difficulty level of some of the dishes he can cook.

What do you think? Do you have a boy crush on Stray Kids' Lee Know?

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Boy Crush: Stray Kids' Lee Know Aka 'The Dancing Gem' And Everything We Love About Him (2024)
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