FAQs for Ignite TV Packages and Channels (2024)

Ignite TV channel packages are built from our Starter, Select, Popular and Premium Digital TV packages, but they have some exciting differences!


What TV packages can I choose from? Can I still add individual channels or theme packs to my Ignite TV package?

  • Our Ignite TV channel packages by region are the same as our current Digital TV packages. This means you can choose from our Starter, Select, Popular, or Premier TV channel packages. Visit rogers.com and select“Learn More” underIgniteTVto see the channel packages available for you to choose from!
  • Please note that channels broadcasting traditional radio stations, and Adult On Demand content are not currently available with Ignite TV.
  • Yes, you can still add channels and theme packs, just like you would with Digital TV! Click theChannelsandTheme Packstabs on theTVsection of rogers.com to see what’s available in your region. Plus, you can customize your TV package even more with theIgnite TV Channel Exchange!
  • Adult content is not available on the Ignite TV platform. We’re evolving to meet the changing needs of our audience. Over the years, we’ve seen customers increasingly move to online streaming for adult content. All of our Ignite TV packages come with unlimited, fast, reliable internet. We’re focused on delivering the most popular content that customers are looking for on Ignite TV.

What’s different about Ignite TV channels?

All channels offered in HD are automatically displayed in HD on Ignite TV, which means you get over 100 more HD channels! You can restart programming on some channels while it’s still playing or after it’s finished. Your channels from 1-99 will remain the same as your previous Digital TV lineup (by region). Ignite TV channels above 100 are universal across regions and are organized by genre. This means you’ll always be able to find the same type of Ignite TV content in the same place, no matter where you are:

  • 101-125: News
  • 126-199: Networks & Timeshifting
  • 200-220: Family
  • 221-229: Lifestyle (Spiritual)
  • 230-249: Education & Learning
  • 250-299: Movies
  • 300-429: Entertainment & Music
  • 430-549: Sports
  • 600-648: French
  • 649-894: Multicultural
  • 895-905: Adult
  • 906-940: Tele-shopping/Promotional
  • 970-999: 4K Channels

How do Ignite TV Flex Channels work?

  • If you choose the Select, Popular, or Premier TV package, you can customize it even more with the Ignite TV Flex Channels. Here’s how they work:
    • Select, Popular and Premier TV packages are made up of the following channels:
      • Basic channels:Included in each package and can’t be exchanged. These channels are included in the channel count.
      • Flex channels included:added by default at the time of ordering or channels that have been exchanged in. These channels can be exchanged every 30 days. They are included in the channel count.
      • Flex channels:available in the selection pool that you can exchange from. These channels are not included in the channel count.
    • You’ll have a pool of up to 82 flex channels based on your TV package.
    • You can make unlimited exchanges from your Flex channel pool within the first 30 days of installing your Ignite TV services or changing your Ignite TV channel package.
    • After that time, you can make unlimited exchanges every 30 days.
    • You can exchange flex channels to replace ones already included in your package, or similar channels from different time zones, to avoid paying for duplicate channels and to create a custom package that’s right for you!
  • The Ignite TV Channel Exchange is included in your Ignite TV bundle at no extra cost!

How do I know which channels are included in my Ignite TV package and which channels are available to exchange?

  • Our Ignite TV channel packages by region are the same as our current Digital TV packages. So if you currently have our Popular Digital TV package, and you switch to our Popular Ignite TV package, you’ll be able to enjoy the same channels!
  • You can see the Flex channels you can exchange online by clicking on the “View” icon besideFlex Channels under Ignite TV.
  • Our Ignite TV channel packages are slightly different from our legacy Digital TV packages. So if you currently have one of our older Digital TV packages, such as VIP, and you switch to a comparable Ignite TV package, such as Popular, you may find some differences.

How do I exchange channels?

You can exchange channels online by signing in to your MyRogers account.

Will I be able to watch my channels (including Flex) on other devices using the Ignite TV app?

  • Yes! You can access TV programming based on the Ignite TV package you choose. Content available to stream on the app may vary by region. It may be different from the content you can watch on your TV through your home network. The Ignite TV app is only available within Canada and you need to have an internet connection (data usage applies).
  • You can watch Netflix content on your TV through Ignite TV’s integrated all-in-one search feature. If you’d like to watch Netflix content on a mobile device, you’ll need to do so through the Netflix app. In either case, a separate Netflix subscription is required.
FAQs for Ignite TV Packages and Channels (2024)
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