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This article is all about Khajiit names, perfect for those looking to create a character in The Elder Scrolls games or for fans of the Khajiit race. Khajiit names are unique and often reflect their traits, skills, or even the tribe they belong to. In this article, we will explore the different types of Khajiit names and provide examples of some of the most popular ones.

Khajiit names are fascinating and can be a great way to learn more about the culture of this feline race. From honorifics to suffixes, Khajiit names are often complex and have many layers of meaning. We will dive into the naming conventions used for male and female Khajiit, including honorifics, prefixes, and suffixes. Additionally, we will provide a list of popular Khajiit names and their meanings, perfect for those who want to create a unique and meaningful character in the games.

Learn the Best Khajiit Names for Your Next Adventure

Learn the Best Khajiit Names for Your Next Adventure - ESLBUZZ (1)


Understanding Khajiit Names


Khajiit names are heavily influenced by their culture and traditions. They are often derived from the Ta’agra language, which is the native language of the Khajiit. Some names may also have Cyrodilic influences, reflecting the Khajiit’s interactions with the Imperials.


Khajiit names often describe the talents or skills of the named individual. They may also reflect the individual’s personality traits or physical characteristics. Some Khajiit may take on a byname or nickname with a specific meaning, either in Ta’agra or Cyrodilic.

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Here are some examples of Khajiit names and their meanings:

J’zargoAmbition and determination
A’zuraDusk and dawn


Khajiit names also have symbolic meanings. They reflect the Khajiit’s connection to the moon and their lunar calendar. The Khajiit believe that each individual is born under a specific moon phase, which influences their personality and destiny.

Here are some examples of Khajiit names and their symbolic meanings:

NameSymbolic Meaning
Ja’darriBorn under the New Moon
Ri’saadBorn under the Full Moon
Do’kharzaBorn under the Waning Moon
J’zaharBorn under the Waxing Moon

Traditional Khajiit Names

Male Names

Here are some examples of traditional names for male characters:

RajhinA famous thief and trickster in Khajiit mythology
Daro’Vasora“Golden Eye” in Ta’agra, the Khajiit language
Kharjo“The Honored” or “The Respected”
Ma’randru-jo“The Cat Who Stalks Dragons”
J’zargo“Ambition” or “Determination”

Female Names

Here are some examples of traditional names for female characters:

AhnissiA famous Khajiit storyteller in Khajiit mythology
Kali’weyr“The Dark Mane” in Ta’agra
Shazah“The Beautiful”
Kharani“The Fierce”
S’jirra“The Quick” or “The Agile”

Modern Khajiit Names

Popular Male Names

Here are some of the most popular male names:


Popular Female Names

Here are some of the most popular female names:


Naming Conventions

Khajiit names are unique and often reflect their cultural and societal values. In Khajiiti culture, individuals will often take an optional honorific on their name. These honorifics may be chosen by the individual or given to him or her by clan or family. Clan names, titles, and honorifics are all important elements of Khajiit naming conventions.

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Clan Names

Khajiit clan names often reflect the environment in which they live. These names are often based on the region in which the clan resides or the type of environment in which they thrive. Some examples of Khajiit clan names include:

  • Alfiq: A clan of small Khajiit that live in caves and ruins.
  • Cathay: A clan of Khajiit that live in the grasslands of Elsweyr.
  • Ohmes: A clan of Khajiit that look similar to elves and live in the forests of Elsweyr.


Khajiit titles are often based on an individual’s profession or social status. Some examples of Khajiit titles include:

  • Dagi-raht: A title given to Khajiit who are skilled in archery.
  • Daro’Vasora: A title given to Khajiit who are skilled in magic.
  • J’datharr: A title given to Khajiit who are skilled in hand-to-hand combat.


Khajiit honorifics are used to show respect and are often based on an individual’s achievements or personality traits. Some Khajiit consider it foolish or poor form to take more than one honorific. Some examples of Khajiit honorifics include:

  • -dar: Meaning “clever” or “quick-witted.”
  • -do: Meaning “warrior” or “fighter.”
  • -raht: Meaning “large” or “strong.”

Creating Your Own Khajiit Names

If you’re creating a Khajiit character in Elder Scrolls or any other fantasy game, you’ll need a fitting name for them. Here are some tips and inspirations for creating your own Khajiit names.


Khajiit names are often based on Arabic and Indian culture, with a focus on the sounds of the name rather than their meaning. Here are some examples to inspire you:

  • J’zargo
  • Kharjo
  • M’aiq
  • Rajhin
  • Ahnissi
  • Daro’Vasora
  • Dro’Zira
  • Kideya
  • Ma’zaka
  • Namiira
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Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for creating your own Khajiit names:

  • Start with a base name: Khajiit names often start with a base name, such as “J’zargo” or “Kharjo”. You can use these base names as inspiration for your own Khajiit name.
  • Focus on the sound: Khajiit names are often chosen for their sound rather than their meaning. Try combining different sounds to create a unique name.
  • Use a Khajiit name generator: There are many Khajiit name generators available online that can help you come up with a fitting name for your character.
  • Add a prefix or suffix: Khajiit names often have a prefix or suffix that adds to their meaning. For example, “Daro’Vasora” means “Thief of Hearts” in Khajiit language. Try adding a prefix or suffix to your name to give it more depth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Khajiit names for Skyrim?

If you are looking for Khajiit names for your Skyrim character, here are some options:

Male NamesFemale Names
Ma’RakhaM’aiq the Liar

What is a good name for a Khajiit?

A good Khajiit name should reflect their personality, skills, or physical attributes. Here are some suggestions for Khajiit names:

Male NamesFemale Names

How do you make a Khajiit name?

Khajiit names are often based on their talents or skills, or physical features. You can create a Khajiit name by combining a prefix and a suffix. Here are some examples:


What are some funny Khajiit names?

If you want to add some humor to your Khajiit character’s name, here are some funny options:

  • Furry McPurrface
  • Meowzer
  • Sir Whiskers
  • Tabbytha
  • Whiskerfritz
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