Percy Jackson Show: All 26 Actors In Main Cast (Photos) (2024)

After years of build-up and even more years of blind hope for a better adaptation from disappointed book fans who watched the movies, the eight-episode first season of Percy Jackson and the Olympians has started releasing episodes on Disney+, with its story closely following the plot of The Lightning Thief novel.

Promised from the beginning to aim for book accuracy, the new show is already seeing critical success, with its roughly 95% score from reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

Percy Jackson Disney+ Series Cast and Characters

Percy Jackson and the Olympians has a large ensemble cast, with each character playing their own role in Percy's central quest to return Zeus' stolen Master Bolt.

Walker Scobell - Percy Jackson

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The show's protagonist and titular hero, Percy Jackson is a lovable, loyal, and sarcastically witty son of Poseidon.

After the seeming loss of his mother on a harrowing chase to make it into Camp Half-Blood's safe, monster-proof borders, Percy learns to find his place among the other demigods. But after being claimed by his father, he gets sent out on his first quest.

Walker Scobell plays Percy in the Disney+ adaptation. This marks Scobell's third screen acting credit, following The Adam Project and Secret Headquarters.

Leah Sava Jeffries - Annabeth Chase

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Described in Episode 2 as one of the strongest warriors in Camp Half-Blood, Annabeth Chase is a force to be reckoned with.

The daughter of Athena takes after her mother with her sharp intellect and strategic mind.

Annabeth has been at the camp since she was seven years old, though has not yet gone on a quest, due to being required to wait for a specific demigod who will bring her on a specific quest. After watching him in his first few days at camp, Annabeth seems to believe Percy may just be that demigod.

Annabeth is portrayed in the series by Leah Sava Jeffries, known for projects including Beast and Something from Tiffany's.

Aryan Simhadri - Grover Underwood

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Gover Underwood is not a demigod like Percy and Annabeth but is a Satyr — half human, half goat.

Hiding his goat legs and horns with clothes (and a little help from the mist), Grover is sent to Percy's at-the-time school, Yancy Academy, to protect the young demigod and eventually bring him to camp.

A brave and fierce friend with a natural protective nature for anyone — from demigods to animals to the wilderness as a whole — Grover is a key ally for Percy, in this story and in future books' stories too.

Known for roles in projects like Cheaper by the Dozen and Trevor: The Musical, along with various voice acting credits, Aryan Simhadri brings Grover to life on Disney+.

Glynn Turman - Mr. Brunner/Chiron

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Chiron is not first introduced in his full Centaur (half-horse, half-human) glory, but rather as Percy's Latin teacher, Mr. Brunner.

However, in his true form, Chiron is an immortal trainer of heroes and the activities director at Camp Half-Blood. He is a supportive mentor to Percy and his fellow campers, with him taking on an almost father-figure-like role for Annabeth, as shown later in the book series.

Glynn Turman plays Chiron in the series, with past credits in projects like Super 8 and Gremlins.

Virginia Kull - Sally Jackson

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Percy's mother, Sally Jackson, is perhaps one of the most universally loved characters among Percy Jackson fans.

Even though Percy's father is a literal god, Percy makes tribute to his mother with his blue candy, and he calls himself "Sally Jackson's son" first. When it came down to her son's safety against the Minotaur, Sally made what she and Percy both believed at the time to be the ultimate sacrifice.

In the new series, Sally Jackson is portrayed by Virginia Kull, known for performances in The Looming Tower and Big Little Lies, among many others.

Megan Mullally - Mrs. Dodds/Alecto

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The first episode of Percy Jackson and the Olympians shares its name with The Lightning Thief's first chapter — "I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-Algebra Teacher." What the title does not reveal is that this pre-algebra teacher Mrs. Dodds was actually the fury Alecto in disguise.

An agent of Hades, Alecto makes appearances in at least the first and third episodes of the show. In Episode 3, she tries to make a deal with Annabeth wherein she would turn Percy over to the Fury in exchange for a successful quest. Annabeth does not take the deal, but the Fury tries to take Percy again at the next stop in their quest — Medusa.

Megan Mullally of Will & Grace and Fame, among other projects, brings Alecto to Disney+ in Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Azriel Dalman - Young Percy Jackson

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When the show flashes back to his early childhood in various moments, there is a younger version of Percy than Scobell.

He only appears for a couple of scenes, but it is very clear who that kid will grow up to be.

A flashback from very early features Young Percy and Sally Jackson as fans hear why Sally named her son Perseus (Percy's full name). Young Percy also navigates the confusion of seeming to see things others don't.

Azriel Dalman has appeared in several Hallmark movies, among other projects, and he plays Young Percy Jackson on Disney+.

Jason Mantzoukas - Mr. D/Dionysus

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The first god Percy interacts with in the series is Dionysus, the wine god, or as he is known around camp, camp director Mr. D.

Percy, on multiple occasions in just his first few days at Camp Half-Blood, certainly shows Mr. D his trademark sass. But, as always, Mr. D feigns indifference. If nothing else is proof of that, just look at his tendency to call campers by not-quite-right versions of their names (like calling Percy "Peter Johnson").

In the new series, Mr. D is played by Jason Mantzoukas, known for roles in shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Invincible.

Olivea Morton - Nancy Bobofit

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While not a character with the most screen time, per se, Yancy Academy bully Nancy Bobofit plays an important role in kicking off Percy's story.

Her bullying of Percy and Grover is what finally compels the young demigod to, though unconsciously, truly use his water powers for the first time, and what leads to Alecto attacking Percy at the Met.

Olivea Morton of Angel, And Yet They Speak, and Better Now plays Nancy Bobofit in the show, marking the first time the character has been adapted in live action.

Charlie Bushnell - Luke Castellan

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Luke Castellan is introduced as an older brother-like figure, when Percy's feeling most alone.

He offers Percy guidance, stories, and even a pair of winged shoes. But, as book fans know, there may be more to the head counselor of the Hermes cabin than initially meets the eye.

Charlie Bushnell plays the older camper and is most known for his role in Diary of a Future President.

Dior Goodjohn - Clarrise LaRue

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After Percy embarrasses Clarisse LaRue and her fellow Ares kids when they try to give him a swirly, they seek out revenge on him during Capture the Flag — led by Clarisse herself.

Little do they know, though, that Annabeth placed Percy as bait, knowing they would go after him and end up costing them the game. It is after — and, in Percy's opinion because of — his victory against the Ares kids that Poseidon finally claims his son.

In Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Dior Goodjohn plays Clarisse. Goodjohn's previous credits include roles in Are You Afraid of the Dark and Head of the Class.

Jason Gray-Stanford - Maron

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Maron may be a harder character to recognize on screen, but an important one nonetheless — particularly when it comes to Grover's character.

Maron sits on the Council of Cloven Elders, who act as a leadership council of sorts for the Satyrs. Grover approaches them to ask about what he saw happen to Sally Jackson, on a hunch that he and Percy didn't actually watch her die.

Playing Maron on Disney+ is Jason Gray-Stanford, known for roles in projects like Monk and A Beautiful Mind.

Andrew Alvarez - Chris Rodriguez

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Chris Rodriguez arguably has a bigger role in Percy Jackson and the Olympians than in The Lightning Thief novel, though he comes up far more prominently later in the Percy Jackson series.

In the show, Chris is a good friend of Luke's, and helps his fellow son of Hermes show Percy around camp. He and Luke can also be seen battling together during Capture the Flag.

Andrew Alvarez, of projects such as School Spirits and Billy the Kid, plays Chris in the new series.

Kathleen Duborg - Helena

Percy Jackson Show: All 26 Actors In Main Cast (Photos) (14)

Simply listed in the credits of the show's second episode as Helena, it seems that this character new for the show is the dryad — or, wood nymph — Grover briefly speaks with before going to the Council of Cloven Elders.

She mentions that Grover has been picking at, presumably, his horns, and that he is often too hard on himself.

Kathleen Duborg plays Helena in the Disney+ show.

Threnody Tsai - Sarah

Like Helena, there is no clear novel counterpart for Sarah. However, she can be seen in Episode 2 as a skilled archer in camp, able to hit the target with a flaming bow. Percy does not fair as well as Sarah when he tries, even sans flame.

She makes a brief appearance in Episode 3, too, as one of Percy's options for his two quest-mates.

Sarah is portrayed by Threnody Tsai, who also appeared in Vampire Zombies.

Garfield Wilson - Leneus

Percy Jackson Show: All 26 Actors In Main Cast (Photos) (15)

Though a fairly minor character until later books, Leneus does make a brief appearance in Percy Jackson and the Olympians as a member of the Council of Cloven Elders.

One day, his attitude will prove to be a hindrance to Grover, but that does not occur until many potential seasons in the future.

Garfield Wilson plays Leneus, and is known for projects such as Ivy + Bean and .

Nick Boraine - Voice in Dream

Percy Jackson Show: All 26 Actors In Main Cast (Photos) (16)

The Voice in Dream appears multiple times throughout the first couple of episodes of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, taunting Percy with eerie warnings on each appearance.

This voice could be the voice of any number of characters, though Kronos — the five novels' ultimate big bad — would not be too much of a stretch to guess at, as he tends to communicate with Percy in dreams in the books, and is set up all the way back in the first book.

The Voice in Dream is played by Nick Boraine, who has worked with some of the creatives for Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Black Sails. He also lent his voice to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare video game, and has acted in other projects, including NCIS.

Timm Sharp - Smelly Gabe

Percy Jackson Show: All 26 Actors In Main Cast (Photos) (17)

It may be seen as rude to call someone Smelly Gabe, but smelly is among the kindest adjectives one could use to describe Gabe Ugliano.

As is the case when he is first introduced in the books, Gabe is presented as abrasive, harsh, and mean. If that was not enough, it is later revealed that Gabe has been physically and verbally abusive too. One change from the novels to the show is that Gabe plays physical poker in the book and online poker on Disney+.

Gabe has been seen most in Episode 1, but like in the book, he makes a brief appearance in the Oracle sequence. The Oracle conjures up his image in her green mist as the voice and body which will deliver the prophecy to Percy.

Timm Sharp, known for projects including Enlightened and Undeclared, plays Gabe in the new series.

Jessica Parker Kennedy - Medusa

Percy Jackson Show: All 26 Actors In Main Cast (Photos) (18)

Medusa is among the first monsters Percy, Grover, and Annabeth meet on their quest, in the books.

In Percy Jackson, like in the mythology Medusa originates from, if someone looks into Medusa's eyes, they turn to stone. She covers her eyes with a shade when not trying to turn someone into a statue. The hat with the shade that she uses also covers her snake hair.

She appears in the show's third episode, in a sequence almost entirely different from what happened in The Lightning Thief novel. Her portrayal in the show brings an important conversation about victim-blaming, and the treatment of mythological women to both characters and viewers.

Another Black Sails alum, Jessica Parker Kennedy portrays Medusa in Percy Jackson and the Olympians. She is also known for The Flash on CW, and (as Jeffries pointed out at a podcast recording at the 92nd Street Y in New York City) Another Cinderella Story, among other roles.

Lance Reddick - Zeus

Percy Jackson Show: All 26 Actors In Main Cast (Photos) (19)

Ruler of Olympus and the owner of the stolen Master Bolt Percy sets out to retrieve, Zeus was never Percy's favorite god in the books.

Quick to anger and able to hold a grudge like very few others, the lightning god can be fairly hypocritical and is rarely bound to his own word, despite expecting that of others.

Case in point — his daughter Thalia, who was born despite a pact among Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades to not father any more children. However, Zeus does prove to be a necessary ally to Percy throughout the book series.

Lance Reddick, who passed away in 2023, appears as Zeus in the show's first season in his final television role. The late actor is known for his performances in projects such as the John Wick franchise and White House Down.

Toby Stephens - Poseidon

Percy Jackson Show: All 26 Actors In Main Cast (Photos) (20)

From Percy's perspective in the show, his godly parent Poseidon never wanted anything to do with him, his only half-human son.

In the books, at least, the situation is far more complicated than it seems, though Percy does not know that yet. The sea god shares many traits with Zeus — a bit of arrogance, quick to anger, and selfish at times. But, Poseidon ultimately proves to be a good father to Percy, with overall good intentions and values.

Poseidon is played in Percy Jackson and the Olympians by yet another Black Sails alum — Toby Stephens. In addition to Black Sails, Stephens has worked on projects including Die Another Day and 13 Hours.

Jay Duplass - Hades

Percy Jackson Show: All 26 Actors In Main Cast (Photos) (21)

Ruler of the Underworld and god of the dead, Hades is who many believe to have stolen Zeus' Master Bolt (with many others believing it was Percy himself), and his realm is the ultimate destination of Percy's quest.

In the books, Hades often feels invisible, unseen, or unneeded by his siblings, and isolates himself from the Olympians because of that. Despite this isolation, he still feels some bitterness toward Zeus and Poseidon — the logic Chiron presents for why Hades may have stolen the Master Bolt, assuming it was him in the first place.

Jay Duplass, known for roles in The Chair and Transparent, among other projects, portrays Hades in the new series on Disney+.

Adam Copeland - Ares

Percy Jackson Show: All 26 Actors In Main Cast (Photos) (22)

Ares is the god of war, and if his children are any indication, he is not one to be messed with.

Ares makes his first appearance in the fifth episode of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, during which the war god sends Percy and Annabeth to retrieve his shield from the Waterland amusem*nt park.

While they do that, Grover and Ares have a long conversation at a diner. From this, Grover learns that Ares may know more about who stole Zeus' master bolt than he initially indicated.

WWE wrestler Adam Copeland — better known to wrestling fans as Edge — takes on the role of Ares in Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Though most well-known for his wrestling, Copeland has had some screen acting experience, including on Vikings and Haven.

Lin-Manuel Miranda - Hermes

Percy Jackson Show: All 26 Actors In Main Cast (Photos) (23)

Unlike the previous gods on this list, Hermes did not actually appear himself in The Lightning Thief novel.

His cabin at Camp Half-Blood is where unclaimed campers are placed until they know their actual godly parent, he is noted as Luke's father, and his mail service, "Hermes Express," is mentioned once or twice.

However, Hermes does show up in person in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, with his first appearance being in Episode 3. He is shown delivering the cut-off head of Medusa to Mount Olympus via the Hermes Express, after Percy mailed it to the home of the gods.

His more-prominent appearance, however, is in Episode 6. Percy and Annabeth find Hermes at The Lotus Hotel and Casino, and ask him for help in their quest to the Underworld. Despite his initial reluctance toward Percy and Annabeth's request, he eventually helps by allowing them and Grover to use his car, immediately bringing them to Santa Monica to continue their quest.

In the Disney+ series, Hermes is played by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda is arguably best known for his writing work, which includes Broadway's Hamilton and In the Heights and Disney's Moana and Encanto, but he acts too — even having starred in both aforementioned musicals when they first opened on Broadway.

Timothy Omundson - Hephaestus

Percy Jackson Show: All 26 Actors In Main Cast (Photos) (24)

Like Hermes, Hephaestus — god of fire and blacksmithing, among other things — did not make a physical appearance in the first Percy Jackson novel.

In the Disney+ series, Hephaestus not only is credited with building Waterland, but actually appears there too. First, he uses Waterland's Tunnel of Love — renamed to the Thrill Ride O' Love in the show — to tell the story of him being thrown off Olympus.

Later, after Percy sacrifices himself so that Annabeth can get Ares' shield and continue the quest, Annabeth tries desperately to undo it. Hephaestus then appears, and tells her she can't undo it. So, Annabeth pleads with the god, who is reminded of himself and his relationship with his family (among other things) in her words. He releases Percy, encourages Annabeth, and has not been seen since.

Timothy Omundson, known for his roles in projects such as Psych and Judging Amy, plays Hephaestus in Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Suzanne Cryer - Echidna

Percy Jackson Show: All 26 Actors In Main Cast (Photos) (25)

Described in the book as "the mother of monsters," Echidna is, in fact, the mother to many foes Percy faces, on this quest and others moving forward.

In the show, Echidna scares Percy, Grover, and Annabeth on a train, so that the Chimera in her pet carrier can learn their scents and begin hunting them. After chases on the train and through the St. Louis Arch, Echidna and the Chimera fight Percy at the top of the St. Louis Arch, which Percy eventually falls from.

Echidna is played by Suzanne Cryer of Silicon Valley and Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, among other projects.

The first six episodes of Percy Jackson and the Olympians are now streaming on Disney+ and Hulu, with weekly single releases coming in the following two weeks.

Percy Jackson Show: All 26 Actors In Main Cast (Photos) (2024)
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