Sabrina Carpenter family in detail: mother, father and sisters (2024)

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Father's Name

David Carpenter

Mother's Name

Elizabeth Carpenter

Siblings names

Sarah Carpenter (older sister), Shannon Carpenter (older sister), Cayla Carpenter (older half-sister)

Is Sabrina Carpenter a lesbian/bisexual?


Who are Sabrina Carpenter parents?

David Carpenter (father)

photo instagram / dacar61

Date of birth: December 24, 1961

He is an open optimistic person, who gave the world four beautiful daughters. His oldest daughter Cayla is the result of his first marriage. On November 21, 1992, he tied the knot with Elizabeth Cartwright and welcomed three girls with her, too. Sab is the youngest of them.

David is a healthy lifestyle enthusiast; he is a dog lover and a proud father, who never gets tired to post pics of his girls on social media.

In January 2022 Sabrina shared through Tik Tok a part of a song, where she accused her father of cheating on her mother. The singer also confessed that she can’t deal with her boyfriend right because of her father’s behavior. It is still not known, whether Sab expressed her real-life experience or that was just the song.

But according to social media posts of her mother, Elizabeth Carpenter, both her parents still live together and maintain happy relationships.

Elizabeth Carpenter (mother)

photo twitter / elizabethcarpa

Elizabeth is a happy wife of David Carpenter and proud mother of three great girls – Sarah, Shannon, and Sabrina (by the way, Sab is the only blonde in their breed). She was born in Ohio in the family of Frank Cartwright and his wife Miriam Wendel. Except for Elizabeth, they also had 5 children. By the way, Beth’s older sister Nancy Cartwright is an actress, known by her voice work. Nancy lent her voice to Bart from “The Simpsons”.

Sabrina Carpenter family in detail: mother, father and sisters (3)

Sabrina Carpenter siblings

Cayla Carpenter (older half-sister)

photo instagram / caylanicollehair

Date of birth: September 17, 1991

Cayla is Sabrina’s older half-sibling and the first daughter of David Carpenter, whom he welcomed with his ex-wife. The girl is really close with her father and half-sisters, including Sabrina. She often posts pics from their family events on Instagram.

Cayla resides in California. She attended Paul Mitchell the School. Nowadays she earns her living as a stylist and makeup artist.

Shannon Carpenter (older sister)

photo instagram / shaymacar

Date of birth: August 30, 1994

Shannon is Sab’s older sister and her big fan. She calls her sibling Sabrina as “a little pop star”. She is the first daughter of David and Elizabeth Carpenter. The young girl loves her parents very much and never gets tired to thank them for their care and support.

She was born in Pennsylvania and at the present moment resides in LA. Shannon works as a choreographer.

Sarah Carpenter (older sister)

photo instagram / saricarpenter

Date of birth: October 10, 1996

Sarah is not just Sab’s older sister; she is also her colleague and supporter. The girl also tried her hand as a singer. She collaborated with Sabrina on a song, which they later uploaded to

Now Sarah develops the career of an actress. She has already appeared in a number of episodes of “Girl Meets World”. She has been in the relationship with an actor Peyton Clark for 4 years. Sarah writes her own blog.


photo instagram / sabrinacarpenter

Sabrina is a young singer and actress, whose star has just lit on the sky of the cinema world, and she puts lots of efforts to deserve the title of a famous mature actress and singer.

Sab entered this world in Leigh Valley, PA. She is the youngest girl in the family, the third daughter for her mother and the fourth one for her father.

The girl became popular overnight after participation in Miley Cyrus talent contest “Are You a Star”. She entered top 3 and defeated more than 10, 000 other talented contestants. Then Sab was just 10 years old.

She cemented initial success with the roles in popular TV series, like “Law & Order”, “The Goodwin Games” and “Austin & Ally”.

Her finest hour came in 2014 when Carpenter won the main role in Disney comedy series “Girl Meets World”. During three seasons she played Maya Hart, a sarcastic school student, Cheryl Texiera screen daughter.

Ms. Carpenter likes to surprise her fans, so she enlarged her borders in 2014 when released her first single “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying”. That very year she presented her debut album “Eyes Wide Open”. Nowadays the young musician boasts with 3 albums and 12 popular singles.

Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / sabrinacarpenter

  1. Her character from “Girl Meets the World”, Maya, owned a ferret, named Ginger. Sabrina took that moniker to name her real-life pet – a cat.
  2. Sab has never publicized her love life and she didn’t confirm any of her relationships. Her secrecy provoked lots of gossips. Currently, she is romantically linked to a young actor Corey Fogelmanis. Previously she was rumored to date an actor Bradley Steven Perry.
  3. Her role models are actresses Lily Collins and Emma Stone.
  4. In her free time, she likes to draw.
  5. In spring, 2017 she toured with “The Vamps” around England. The girl was a special guest star.
  6. She didn’t attend high school. Sab left her studies in order to become a full-time entertainer.
Sabrina Carpenter family in detail: mother, father and sisters (2024)
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