WSOP 2024 Day 12 Recap: Schutten and Cummings Both Win Maiden Bracelets, Jeremy Ausmus Makes Shootout Final Day | PGT (2024)

The 12th day of action in the 2024 World Series of Poker brought two new bracelet winners to the fore as Brek Schutten and Aaron Cummings both won WSOP titles for the first time. Four other bracelet events were in action as Gladiators of Poker did battle, Pot Limit Omaha player had a field day and Day 2 of the $1,500-entry Shootout saw just 16 survivors when the smoke cleared.

Schutten Captures Gold in 6-Max High Roller

A dramatic finale to Event #21 saw Brek Schutten win his first WSOP bracelet as the American beat Tyler Stafman to the title and a top prize of $1.4 million. Across a thrilling veent, players such as Michael Rocco, Masashi Oya and Ognyan Dimov all went close as a a dramatic final table played out on PokerGO.

You can read all about Schutten's victory in our full recap of the action right here.

WSOP Event #21: $25,000 6-Max High Roller Final Table Results

1stBrek SchuttenUnited States$1,406,641
2ndTyler StafmanUnited States$938,775
3rdMichael RoccoUnited States$639,620
4thTaylor von KriegenberghUnited States$444,766
5thBrandon WillsonUnited States$315,771
6thMasashi OyaJapan$229,002
7thOgnyan DimovBulgaria$169,719
8thChongxian YangChina$128,604
9thEli BergUnited States$128,604

Cummings Captures Maiden Crown as Kanai Falls Short

Aaron Cummings won the $1,500-entry Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw 6-Max Event #22 for a $95,981 top prize as players such as Yuichi Kanai, Alexander Wilson and Heather Alcorn fell just short of glory. A total of 13 players started the day but after the former chip leader James Williams busted early, it was anyone's bracelet.

At the final table, the lst remaining previous bracelet winner was Danny Wong but his elimination in sixth by the former WSOP DEaler of the Year Alcorn took care of any chances of a repeat win with six remaining players all potential first-timers.

Alexander Wilkinson busted Sean Yu for $30,800 in fifth place before getting fortunate to do the same to Alcorn in fourth for $43,984. Alcorn was desperately unlucky, losing to Wilkinson's three-outer on the river as her bid to become the first female winner this series.

Wilkinson got unlucky himself to bust in third, needing to fade a deuce or seven on the river but unable to do so, cashing for $64,256 in third place. Heads-up, a long slog ensued for supremacy as Cummings eventually won with a perfect eight-six beating Kanai's ten-eight. Cummings turned to his fans on the rail and informed them of the result, shouting: "We got ‘em!"at the top of his voice!

WSOP Event #22: $1,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw 6-Max Results

1stAaron CummingsUnited States$146,516
2ndYuichi KanaiJapan$95,981
3rdAlexander WilkinsonUnited States$64,256
4thHeather AlcornUnited States$43,984
5thSean YuUnited States$30,800
6thAnthony LazarUnited States$22,075
7thDanny WongUnited States$16,204
8thSteven GrayUnited States$12,188
9thIlija SavevskiMontenegro$12,188

Jeremy Ausmus Among 16 Survivors in Shootout Event

American poker heroes Jeremy Ausmus, Daniel Strelitz and Scott Ball all featured as three of the 16 players who won their second consecutive shootout tables in the $1,500 NLHE Shootout Event #23. A total of 16 tables - 160 players - kciked off Day 2 knowing they were all guaranteed to win a min-cash of $6,243 but hoping they'd at least survive the day to lock up $15,027 and keep themselves in the hunt for the $305,849 top prize.

As well as PokerGO favorite Ausmus, and important WSOP Fantasy Draft picks Strelitz and Ball, lots of other talent made the final day, with the British $25,000 Heads Up Championship winner Darius Samual just one day - and 15 opponents - away from winning a second bracelet this series, something no-one has been able to manage so far.

Brazilian player Vitor Dzivielevski – the brother of Yuri, who also made the top 10 of a WSOP Event on Day 12 - may yet win his first bracelet, but it wsn't a good day for every famous name as players such as Erick 'E-Dog' Lindgren, Boris Kolev, Julien Sitbon, the WSOP Main Event winer Espen Jorstad, and young hotshot Landon Tice all hit the rail as 16 players prepare for possible victory tomorrow.

Brilliant Brazilians on Brink of PLO Glory

Day 2 of the $10,000-entry Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Championship ended play on just 13 players, with Robert Tanita (2.99m) the clear chip leader from Joao Simao (1.84m) and Tyler Brown (1,705,000) as players battled towards what will be a top prize of $536,713.

With Joao Simao joined by his fellow Brazilian crusherYuri Dzivielevski (1,275,000) in the remaining field, there is quality right through the players still in the hunt for glory, with tanita going for his first-ever bracelet against a dozen opponents who between them have won 16 WSOP bracelets.

WSOP Event #24: $10,000 PLO Hi-Lo Championship Top 10 Chip Counts

1stRobert TanitaUnited States2,990,000
2ndJoao SimaoBrazil1,840,000
3rdTyler BrownUnited States1,705,000
4thLuis VeladorMexico1,700,000
5thSterling LopezUnited States1,695,000
6thYuri DzivielevskiBrazil1,275,000
7thJoshua ThibodauxUnited States1,030,000
8thJonathan CohenCanada855,000
9thBrad RubenUnited States565,000
10thMagnus EdengrenSweden545,000

Two Other Events in Action

There were two events that featured Day 1 flights on Day 12 of the 2024 WSOP, as the $300 Gladiators of Poker Event #20 and $3,000-entry 6-Max NLHE Event #25 welcomed thousands of players to the WSOP felt between them.

In the Gladiatorial arena, legendary player Andreas 'Aces' Kniep made the top levels of the leaderboard, along with former bracelet winner Tamas Lendvai, Barry Shultz, and Irish player Daniel Lewis.

In the 6-Max streets, top players at the close of play included Brian Tate (327,000), Alex Keating (306,000) Florian Pesce (294,000) Jason Daly (265,000) Daniel Idema (230,000) Jared Bleznick (226,000) as 324 entries lost three-quarters of the field before close of play.

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WSOP 2024 Day 12 Recap: Schutten and Cummings Both Win Maiden Bracelets, Jeremy Ausmus Makes Shootout Final Day | PGT (2024)
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